You can join in on the experiment in several different ways depending on how engaged you want to be.

1. Full participation (i.e. data collection, collaboration, authorship)

Want to contribute to the cause while also becoming involved in a mini research project that could at best lead to a journal publication? Join the group of most active participants taking the 30 day experiment and also contribute to collaboratively analysing and writing up the results in a scholarly journal article. You do not even need have journal subscriptions that you opt-out of, e.g. be affiliated with a university, the only eligibility criteria is that you will likely conduct some kind of research during the time period. Please contact Mikael (contact details on the Participants page) to get you set up. Here we function on a first-come-first-serve basis should the interest be excessively high, but until further notice there is plenty of space for everyone interested to join in.

2. Data provider (i.e. data collection)

Want to contribute to the experiment by trying out the 30 day challenge while keeping a record of your success and failures in retrieving literature? Fantastic! You can download a template for data collection from the “Experiment guidelines” page and get started. Please let us know if you are aiming to do this through e.g. twitter or e-mail, its nice to know we´ve got others interested in contributing towards the cause. If you want we can also publish your name on the participants page. Here the quota is of course unlimited, the more that join in the better – crowdsourcing at its finest!

3. Promoter

Want to support our cause in some other way? Please help spread the word about it anywhere you see fit!