Participants (so far)

Participants (so far)


Mikael Laakso (Twitter: @mikaellaakso, Google Scholar: Publication list). Mikael works as an Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland and has been involved in research surrounding Open Access (OA) publishing since 2008. ‘Frustration’ is perhaps the best word and emotion to describe his take on the OA phenomenon so far – open publishing should be the default but there are many things that yet need to change for that to be reality. If you want to get in touch regarding this experiment please send a direct message on Twitter or an e-mail to

Väitöskuva Mikko Tolonen 0812-09

Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki University webpage) is an intellectual historian who works in the field of digital humanities. Tolonen’s ventures in open science have been guided by his collaboration with Leo Lahti ( This work concerns particularly the question how to implement reproducible workflows in book history (cf. Tolonen, in his current position as a professor of research on digital resources at the University of Helsinki, is keen to promote open science in the humanities. Sharing research data needs to become an important element also in SSH research.


Linus Nyman (Google Scholar publication list) is a researcher at the Hanken School of Economics. His previous research was in open source software, his current research is in open access publication, and his future research includes privacy and security-related issues.



kim_800Kim Holmberg ( is a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Unit for the Sociology of Education at the University of Turku, Finland, where he works on questions related to bibliometrics, altmetrics, open science, and social media. Recently his research has focused on investigating the attention Finnish research has received in social media.

20161003_153047Yrsa Neuman (Dr.Phil) works as a postdoc researcher in philosophy at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland. The central idea of participating in scholarly publishing is reaching out, she thinks, and hopes that the point will sink in with more researchers soon. She has been involved in editing and research in OA for some time, as the Swedish editor of, the Finnish portal of philosophy (launched in 2007), as a researcher on OA publishing research on business models for books and journals in the humanities in particular, and as the editor-in-chief of the international, peer-reviewed OA journal Nordic Wittgenstein Review. You can read more about Yrsa here.


Timothy D Bowman

Christina Athanasopoulou

imag0551Donna Alexander (@americasstudies) is an assistant lecturer in English and Digital Arts and Humanities in University College Cork. Her research interests broadly include literatures of the Americas, literary geography, digital arts and humanities, digital pedagogy, crowdsourcing, and women’s studies. She is committed to open access research, and is interested in exploring alternatives to traditional modes of research dissemination. She is a member of the Wikimedia Ireland Working Group, a coordinator of #bookhour, and she blogs HERE.