Can research be done without access to paywalled journals?

Can research be done without access to paywalled journals?

Just how essential is access to subscription-based scholarly journals for conducting research? That is what a group of academics are setting out to explore. This cross-disciplinary initiative will start during Open Access week 2016 and run for exactly 30 days (24.10.2016 – 23.11.2016).

By simulating a scenario where subscription-access journal content is unavailable, the purpose of this experiment is to raise awareness for the:

  1. Benefits of Open Access, from both the perspectives of author and interested reader,
  2. Constantly rising costs of journal subscriptions and publisher agreements, having a detrimental impact on university and library budgets around the world.

This page will be used for communication before, during, and after the experiment. Expect various forms of updates, short and long-form; brief status updates on progress, personal ‘diary’ type entries from participants, and important themes being discussed at more length. Throughout the experiment data is collected on the different retrieval mechanisms used by the participants and the results will be analysed and submitted for review and potential publication to an Open Access journal.

Please spread the word, get involved, or just keep following the experiment from a safe distance.
30 days – For science!